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Ongoing / upcoming productions: What, where and when?

I am currently working together with my amazing colleagues on some productions, but am open for work in Finland, Denmark and globally.

Quality Cattle by Assembe Theatre

Welcome to CQC – Collins Quality Cattle Incorporated! – home of the pioneers in human meat production, with the best quality cattle on the market today!

Based on the book by Augustina Bazterrica Tender is the Flesh, Quality Cattle is an immersive theatrical production that explores humanbeings in an immersive and audience including manner.

Set in a near-future dystopia where the animal kingdom, except from humankind has been extinct, the humankind strives to survive and form a new world order. When the craving of meat and animal related products overtakes reason, the Finnish government is forced to make radical decisions and issue new human rights legislation to promote human replacements as the new alternative for animal products. What are you willing to accept when your own well being and priviledges are on the line?

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